Link Logistics Brand Evolution
Identity Design
A year after undergoing a visual brand refresh, Link Logistics found their "container" layout structure system to be complicated, cluttered, and challenging to uniformly implement throughout the organization. They sought a fresh approach to leverage their container shape system, aiming for a cleaner, more polished layout that would be user-friendly for both graphic designers and non-graphic designers. Furthermore, there was a need to clean other brand elements, including typography, and introduce a new color to the palette.
To address this challenge, I developed a new approach to the "container" layout system that prioritized simplicity, cleanliness, content, and structure, all while staying true to the fundamental concept of the container shape. This system also introduced two layout variations: the "closed" container layout and the "open" container layout, providing versatility to accommodate varying content volumes. Additionally, we refined our overall headline treatment and introduced a distinct green color exclusively reserved for ESG initiatives and data visualizations.
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