RedWood Vintage
Identity Design
Redwood Vintage is a fictional boutique vintage clothing store that sells 1940s–1980s workwear, military wear, and Americana clothing. Their goal is to spread the passion for these vintage garments ,while being kind to the environment by curating a high quality selection of garments, minimizing packaging, and featuring sustainable local businesses.
The name "Redwood" is a representation of the longevity of these classic vintage garments, just as a redwood tree's everlasting lifespan. The tall logo type imitates the tall tree line of a redwood forest, while the tree pictorial mark is a nod at the word "up-cycle". The visuals and materials were chosen to have a vintage and hand done feel, yet modern feel that is targeted towards upper-middle class men with an appreciation for heritage, style, and quality. The photography styling emulates old, distressed photos to relate the identity back to the 40's–80's American eras.
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